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Oil Painting & Resin Artist

Hi, I'm H A Priya, a Self-thought Artist. My Gallery name Anagha means "Sinless":" It's never a Sin to love yourself & live a life for yourself ".

I've always been in love with art ever since I was a kid. My educational journey went in the direction of IT, & done my Graduation. At the time I wanted to study further to become a Graphic designer to pursue my dream journey at Disney World. But, unfortunately, life had unexpected turns, I got married & been a housewife. So in 2019, I started with oil paintings & also got interested in Epoxy Resin Artwork.

All my life, I worked hard and handled many difficulties to prove myself to others. I have lived my life in the best interests of others just to get disappointed. It was my husband's love & trust, which helped me to live my life for myself and he taught me the importance of self-love. He always told me not to expect anything from others and not to sacrifice anything for others. This gallery was his hope & his tribute to the ability he saw in my work. Moreover, I was always been a self-disciplined person so whatever failures or difficulties life throws towards me I had never given up. Each & every painting resembles my pain, my life and my choice to stand strong. I choose to add Sparkles and Glitter to my artwork as therapy, to keep up with my life for my loved ones. Hoping my style of artwork helps others in their self-esteem and keeps their faith uplifted.
I do Surreal oil paintings like Divine portraits, Couples/women Portraits, Beautiful sceneries, Oceans, Flowers and many more, representing diverse forms of love and healing. I use Toxic-free paints like Gamblin Artist paints for my Oil paintings.

I also use various kinds of mediums Epoxy clay, Resin, Healing crystals and Holographic Glitter to create 3D Resin artwork, paintings and mixed media works from which I represent Healing, Love and Accepting flaws in themselves.

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