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Surreal Eye

Surreal Eye

SKU: A000112009

Surreal Eye is a unique oil painting of the eye. Which symbolises the nature of uniqueness in each & every individual. I did this to showcase the same. What we see is not always correct, as every person is different & unique in their way. So never judge anyone by seeing & saying what you see. Always watch carefully to get surprised as you find the uniqueness in them. Love yourself & spread the love around you. Keep smiling.


    Original Hand Painted Oil Painting.

  • SIZE

    12×12 inches Acrylic Sheet.


    Gamblin Artists Oil paints & iridescent oil paints. I sealed this painting with double layers of clear Resin and Iridescent Glitter. The base was coated with gesso and acrylic paint layers to create depth.


    Not yet framed.

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